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These images were constructed either before photographing, as in the still lifes, or after in PhotoShop.

Arts for Global Development once again invited me to participate in their International Women’s Day exhibit in Washington , D.C.   Women artists from around the world send 4x6-inch work, with all proceeds donated to Friends of Orphans in Uganda .

This year I chose to create a PhotoConstruct that began with a vintage photo in my collection.  After adding the woman’s face to the soap bubble, I floated above her symbols of important aspects of my life (clockwise): a clock face for time with friends, peace symbol for world interest, camera lens for photography, dharma wheel for good works, reflective bubble for self, pinwheel cookie for loved ones, Earth for planetary health, and ball for children's well-being.

A woman's role has traditionally focused on the health and happiness of those around her.  As our roles expand ~ as well as sphere of influence ~ life can sometimes feel like a game of Keep It Up.  Women deftly dance to keep afloat families, friendships, jobs, world causes, volunteer work, et cetera.  Too often neglected is the fragile bubble we should remember to nurture ~ the self.

President Obama, as others before him, is making his first international visit to Canada .  Toronto ’s Barbershop Gallery is celebrating with an exhibit on the theme “44 oz’s: 44 artists interpret the drunken hope of a new world leader.”  I was invited to participate in this event, which I did gladly being a fan of both Barack Obama and making toasts.

My original concept was to show Obama’s sphere of influence ever enlarging from Chicago to Illinois to America to the world.  That proved difficult to visualize, but in looking at my vintage maps I came across this one of the hemispheres.  I converged the hemispheres to suggest not only a binocular view but also the clink of two champagne glasses.  Then things started to fall into place ~ the tightrope look of the dashed equator line, the photo of Obama walking (with the word CAN!), and hand-tinting the equator and outlines in a palette reminiscent of vintage maps.   Yes, the world is watching Obama with hope and optimism.
















In 2002, Cella was asked by a friend to photograph her labyrinth by the light of a full moon.   Olivia's labyrinth is based on that in Chartres Cathedral, sixty feet in diameter, and built of bricks and mulch in the woods, accommodating existent trees.  The night shoot was challenging, with the labyrinth lit first by sun, then by candlelight and finally, only the moon ~ the full "sprouting grass" moon of April.  Captivated by the labyrinth, its aesthetics and lessons, Cella has returned to walk and photograph the labyrinth in all seasons.