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Photo~Cameos ® feature photographs ~ Neapolitan’s fine art images, SepiaTints ® of antique photographs, and clients’ favorite heirlooms ~ as well as vintage art from her postcard collection.  The jewelry settings are cast from vintage-era dies and plated in gold, silver, pewter and brass (although brass is being phased out).  Photo~Cameos ® are sealed in a clear, acid-free finish and come in pendants, earrings, charms, brooches, and bookmarks.  The pendants are accompanied by a black silk cord.  (Pictures are not to scale ... please see Pricing page for dimensions)


               Charm                       Ribbon Pendant             Beaded Pendant       Framed! Silk Cord Choker      Square-cut Pendants      


               Bookmark               Scroll Brooch          Earrings  


 Most of the images on this site ~ in the Paper or Note Cards section ~ can be placed in a Photo~Cameo setting.  However, not all images are adaptable to every setting.  Please contact the artist via e-mail with any questions or to request catalogue of jewelry images.  The twenty most popular images in Photo~Cameos are pictured below.


Art Under Glass ® is Neapolitan's trademark for images that are sandwiched in glass and trimmed in lead-free silver foil.  The quadrangle format allows for virtually any photograph to be adapted to Art Under Glass.  The jewelry ~ either pin or pendant on 30" ball chain ~ can be ordered in small (1" square), medium (1x1.5") or large (1x2").  As with the Photo~Cameos, Art Under Glass can be customized ~ with your photograph ~ for a one-time additional fee.



Neapolitan also creates jewelry without photography, mainly necklaces and at times with matching earrings.  These are just a few examples, some of which may no longer be available.  Prices vary, so please contact Neapolitan via e-mail for current stock and prices.  Her themed lines include ...


"Asian Art in 1-of-a-kind Pieces"


                                      Bone Pendants                                       Ming Dynasty Pottery



"Hearts and Flowers"




"Sea Opal, Shell and Mermaid Jewelry"




"Jewelry to Complement Your Every Mood"


              Murano Glass Lariats                               RuneStones                               Snow Crystals