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SepiaTint ® is the term Cella has coined for images that begin as photographs ~ vintage or contemporary ~ that she scans, prints in sepia tone and then hand tints with watercolor pencils.  Some of these are her own family heirlooms, others are those of clients, and some are from her collection of antique photographs.  Please inquire via e-mail for a custom SepiaTint of your own favorite photograph.









In the early 20th Century, Wilson Bentley took micro-photographs of thousands of snow crystals.  His love of these natural gems led to his bequeathing the images to others without copyright.  Sharing his love of these beautiful, miniature fractals, Cella has scanned some of her favorites.  She prints each in sepia tone, hand tints in watercolors and then adds acid-free sparkle.  Appropriately for the unique snow crystals, each image is limited in edition.  Please write for more information or to request additional images.