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         In college I majored in philosophy with a minor in art history.  So the field of aesthetics has long been an interest.  I find the evolving aesthetic of photography to be particularly fascinating, as the medium develops and comes of age.

           Photography’s place in art has always been circumscribed for being based in technology and reality.  And now, in this digital age, the aesthetic challenge is even greater.  What makes a photograph art when seemingly anyone can take a good picture? 


         The answer, in truth, is what it has always been … vision.  Seeing ~ honestly, wholeheartedly, idiosyncratically ~ is key.  While this comes naturally to a degree, I have trained my eye and learned to hunt for the revealing, emblematic shot.  I have also trained my mind to be open and my spirit responsive to the visually unique.

I strive to create images that have meaning and yet a little mystery.  When this happens, I am moved, viscerally affected by the experience of transforming the original impression into a material image.  It’s truly like magic.  And when these visions are shared, I feel I’ve connected in a way unique to photography.